Guaranteed Odor Removal

If you live in any of the central Indiana towns listed here – and your home is faced with an odor problem, a call to Funkhouser Restoration can eliminate that problem permanently. We are the masters of odor removal and have the references to prove it. Our history and record of providing residents of Bartholomew County, IN with Guaranteed Odor Removal in and around Columbus, Indiana and central Indiana goes back to our founding over a quarter century ago.

Funkhouser is the go to company for pet urine odor removal, smoke odor removal, pet odor elimination and odors in general including the lingering smell of tobacco smoke. We are a favorite of homeowners in:
North Gate
North Park
Pleasant View Village
Flat Rock Township
Columbus Township

The secret to our success is the revolutionary JUST GONE System, an easy to apply application intended to unleash the power of Chlorine Dioxide ( CO2) to clean and sanitize your property safely and effectively and provide homeowners and commercial entities Guaranteed Odor removal in and around Columbus, Indiana.

This amazing JUST GONE process is effective in a multitude of applications, not only in your house or apartment but also in these specific applications:

Cars – restore that new car smell and eliminate odors from spilled beverages, food, pets and other sources.
Boats can absorb odors in their bilges. JUST GONe will eliminate them
RVs will absorb odors from cooking and humans, especially after being stored for weeks and months
Offices need to be refreshed on occasion as do other commercial buildings.
Medical Facilities, motel rooms, locker rooms and other areas can be totally refreshed and made to smell like new when they are sanitized with our guaranteed odor removal system based in Columbus, Indiana.

Unlike most other odor relief methods, JUST GONE gets to the root of every odor problem – bacteria, which in time will give off unpleasant scents as it decomposes. Other methods just mask those odors with various scents that dissipate with time. JUST GONE eliminates those offensive odors at the source and leave your home or business sanitary and smelling fresh. Realtors and used car dealers can add value to a used car or home that smells fresh.

Odor removal is just one of the many services available from Funkhouser. Our company had its origins in Carpet cleaning but has expanded into related areas.

Amazingly, this proven system does the job permanently and affordably. Why wouldn’t you choose our process? To find out more about Funkhouser Restoration, visit our website at and fill out the online request or call us today at 317-847-4537 for Guaranteed Odor Removal in and around Columbus, Indiana.