Odor and Allergen Removal

We Americans have at least one thing in common. We don’t tolerate odors very well. That is probably why we have shown a strong interest in Odor and Allergen Removal Services in Franklin and Shelbyville IN.  Some of us are obsessed with eliminating any signs of distasteful household odors and actively search for reliable companies that specialize in pet urine odor removal, smoke odor removal and mold and mildew removal.

Funkhouser Restoration has become a leader in the odor removal and sanitizing industry by taking the steps necessary to deliver the cleanest freshest air quality possible. Their revolutionary solution comes with the introduction of the JUST GONE SYSTEM, the widely-heralded, completely effective process designed to permanently eliminate the worst of your odors and allergens.

Admittedly, that’s a tall order. The product has been shown to be effective against the worst of these odors, including the offensive smells of cigarette and cigar smoke, cat and dog urine odor, rotting garbage, septic tank back ups, new paint and virtually every other offensive odor, including the country’s number one odor – skunk.

The secret behind this remarkable product are the active elements used in the JUST GONE SYSTEM – Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2). When properly applied, this amazing product goes to the source of the stink and totally eliminates it from the environment even from the hidden niches and corners of the house. The ingredients are completely safe and incredibly effective. CLO2 is currently used in municipal water facilities, hospitals and other areas.

It was the development of an inexpensive delivery system that opened the science up to an entirely new range of uses. That process enables JUST GONE technicians to convert the components into a safe gaseous product that seeks out and destroys odors at their source.

Odors arise from the reaction of bacteria on decomposing matter. A critter that ended its life somewhere between your basement walls, garbage left to rot while you are vacationing and one of the worst offenders mildew and mold can set off an allergen attack for those of us who suffer from common allergic reactions. Kids are particularly vulnerable and until the allergens are removed, may continue to cough, wheeze and leave a trail of dripping noses in their wake.

Since the introduction of JUST GONE, Funkhouser has taken Odor and Allergen Removal in Franklin and Shelbyville IN to a new level and has put the product to work attacking odors and allergens in …
motel rooms

The list of applications grows constantly. If you are having issues with odors, reclaim your home or business with a call to Funkhouser Restoration. Find out more about Odor and Allergen Removal in Franklin and Shelbyville IN.

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