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Odor Removal & Elimination Services Morgantown Indiana.  As a member of your community, our company would like to introduce you to our company and to the services we have been providing to residents for over 25 years. We are Funkhouser Restoration Services, the foremost restoration company in central Indiana, where we have been providing our highly rated and effective service to a growing number of satisfied homeowners and businesses in and around Indianapolis, Morgantown, Bloomington, Columbus and Martinsville since our beginning days in business. You may not be familiar with our company or what we offer. If so, that might be a good thing. That’s because many of the services we provide are done as a result of damages caused by a calamity that has had a negative effect on your home or business.

Who Are We?

Funkhouser is a family owned business that has provided a number of valuable services to the residents of many central Indiana communities in which we operate. We have built our business over the past 26 years by dedicating our efforts towards providing a number of essential services to our customers. Those services include home disinfection, mold remediation and odor elimination meant to bring the quality of a home’s air to safe standards.

What We Do

Funkhouser Restoration helps homeowners restore their property after floods, fires or other disasters have struck with the expertise and skill of our talented crews of highly capable repair personnel, painters, woodworkers and other specialists. They are the best at what they do to bring your property back to its previous glory. To many of our clients, the need to eliminate, not simply disguise musty mildewy odors is the goal. This is what we do. You don’t need a disaster to take advantage of our amazing system.

Musty, mildewy odors is the goal . This is what we do. You don’t need a disaster to take advantage of our amazing system.
Crews can put our exclusive “Just Gone” system to work for you and freshen up sour cooking odors, smoke, animal scents or after party odors and leave you with a space as fresh as a mountain retreat or a seaside cottage,

The Funkhouser Difference

Here is a unique feature that sets Funkhouser Odor Removal & Elimination Services of Morgantown Indiana apart from others in the restoration business. It has become the most important adjunct to our business and a major reason for our rapid growth. It is a system that utilizes the power of “JUST GONE” system, the widely heralded odor eliminator and sanitizer product in a process that successfully eliminates odors and their cause, which in most cases is bacteria. In a word, it has been a huge breakthrough.

The Secret Behind Our Success

It’s only fair to tell our customers and other interested parties more about the prime ingredient of the “JUST GONE” revolution. It is a substance known as Chlorine Dioxide (CO2). Forget any similarity to Chlorine Bleach, CO2 has no association with toxic bleach. Instead, it is a safe and incredibly effective disinfectant/sanitizer, an oxidant with very few chemical reactions, no ph limits, very low toxicity, worldwide approval in drinking water, very high efficacy against microorganisms and is non-corrosive to equipment. More importantly, the product presents no danger to the environment nor to people working in close proximity to the substance. In this age of recalls and dangerous substances, Funkhouser is pleased to bring our safe and effective “JUST GONE” Odor Removal & Elimination Services to Morgantown Indiana consumers.

This proprietary sanitizing and deodorizing system is so effective that we stake our reputation on it. Our company stands by our claim that nothing else compares with “JUST GONE”S “ ability to thoroughly and completely clean and sanitize the widest, most conclusive array of harmful germs, allergens, horrendous odors and widespread contaminants from the most difficult areas of your home, business or other areas of concern. Unlike competing products that make claims like ours, our system completely destroys odors and does not simply mask or cover those offensive smells temporarily. Funkhouser Sanitizer and Cleaning company destroys odors permanently.

Specific Applications

Our original premise showed our system to be an effective product for home use. Over the past months, the applications have grown exponentially. More uses become apparent and the trend continues, as do the number of proven applications. We count the following types of facilities among our many satisfied customers that can benefit from this revolutionary product:
School gyms
Health clubs
Fitness gyms
Martial arts facilities
Racquetball clubs
Car, RV, & Boat dealers
Day-care facilities
Healthcare facilities
Real Estate professionals

Other Applications

Any facility like school gyms, health clubs and various workout spots that deal with close physical interaction of people of all ages and genders requires a regular cleaning and sanitation program to kill the germs that are the source of odor build up. To keep these types of facilities fresh and safe, “JUST GONE” works perfectly. Our system is easily and quickly applied by facility operators at nominal cost.

Healthcare facilities have concerns about every level and specific segment of their facilities from waiting rooms to procedure rooms, reception areas and every other space in a given health facility where sick or exposed patients come together. ”Just Gone” offers an effective, proven and inexpensive solution that will prevent a dangerous and potentially widespread breakout of epidemics in many areas such as day-care centers for adults as well as for children. These are areas of prime concern. If you are involved in facilities such as these, Funkhouser can help you plan regular sanitation programs that are effective and essential to the health of the susceptible in these days of superbugs, viruses and the like. Call to set up an informative meeting. You need to be proactive.

Imaginative thinking often finds viable new applications for sanitizing and odor removal products. One specific example of the effectiveness of this odor removal system is at various used car dealers where the application of “JUST GONE” to a vehicle previously owned by smokers can be refreshed and relieved of their heavy sour smoke smell. The process not only leaves the car smelling fresh, it also increases its resale vale and makes it more attractive to potential buyers. No one likes to buy a car that smells of old tobacco smoke. The same can be said for businesses dealing with older RVs and motorhomes, campers etc. Old smoking odors, campfire smells, spilled substances, and animal odors don’t help resale prices. A fresh smell is a smell worth buying.

There are numerous applications where our Odor Removal & Elimination Services in Morgantown Indiana can help alleviate difficult problems, including:

Public transportation vehicles, school buses
Uber vehicles
Bars and restaurants
Gas station restrooms
Bedrooms of incapacitated bed ridden individuals

“JUST GONE” also sanitizes massage table, gym mats, tile floors, walls and exercise equipment along with all surfaces in the areas being treated.

To find out more about our remarkable cleaning and sanitizing system, call us at your earliest convenience. We will respond quickly answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate for whatever project that requires our attention. To schedule an appointment complete the online request form or …

Call us directly 24/7 at 317-847-4537.

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