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Odor Removal for Pets, Tobacco, Musty Smells  Martinsville, Morgan County Indiana

You might not know it yet, but Funkhouser Restoration of Morgantown, Indiana may turn out to be your best friend someday.

So, now you are probably wondering who is this Funkhouser and what does he have to do about anything?

Funkhouser Restoration is central Indiana’s foremost professional odor removal, sanitizer and air freshening service. We deal on a regular basis with those horrible smells that pop up and require much more than an open window and a can of air freshener to get rid of

We are the ultimate stink removal team and we are prepared to permanently eradicate odors as horrendous as smoke, curry, pet odors, skunks, musty, mildew, mold, urine odors and plenty more of your least favorite odors.Our area exclusive JUSTGONE SYSTEM is being used very effectively in area homes as well as in a growing number of other applications including:

  • cars
  • boats
  • Rvs
  • Offices
  • commercial buildings
  • motel rooms
  • health facilities
  • and more

It is fairly obvious why many clients use our Odor Removal System to remove offensive odors in small confined spaces as in: cars, trucks, boats and RVs. But others, who must deal with foul odors in public buildings, office buildings, hotels and motels are finding our services and products to be even more popular for removing the worst odors from Pets, Tobacco, musty furniture, tobacco, mold and more.

Imagine yourself to be a realtor planning to show a couple of homes to a potential buyer. She has 2 homes that seem perfect for her buyer two homes that are perfect but both homes have a serious flaw that will probably be a deal breaker or result in a serious price reduction and loss of profit.

House #1 smells heavily from the intense smell of curry, a favorite spice among some eastern cultures
House #2 has the distinct smell of nicotine and tobacco smoke.

A call to Funkhouser Restoration is all it takes. Both houses have been refreshed, sanitized and freshened and ready to be sold. If you are a real estate agent, Funkhouser should be at the top of your helper list. JUST GONE really works.

The JUST GONE SYSTEM uses a revolutionary process that is free of toxins and other harmful oxidants. It is a completely safe and green process. It uses carbon dioxide co2, a naturally occurring element that effectively kills the bacteria that causes odors. Just Gone will also remove allergens and contaminants from every area of a home or business. No cover-up fragrances, toxic chemicals or hand- wiping is required. Here’s the kicker. Those horrible odors are Just Gone,permanently.


You home, your workplace, locker, medical facility harbor a hodgepodge of exotic, rare and quite sickening odors from an accumulation of human sweat, old people odor, the unrelenting curry smell from your favorite recipe, pet urine odor, smoke odor

FunkerHouse Restoration awaits your call.
We invite you to investigate our site and browse the various areas of our expertise. We guarantee our work and promise to remove the redolent smell of pet urine, cat litter boxes and any other repulsive odors.

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