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What is a woman to do? After an all-night bachelor party that your husband insisted on hosting, the cleanup is complete except for the lingering odors of cigarette and cigar smoke, spilled beer and a backed up toilet to contend with. Yuck. Your tobacco allergies are kicking up and you can’t stop sneezing. The guys were too busy playing cards and watching the game to let your dog out, so now you have the unpleasant task of eliminating unpleasant pet odors as well. You need help to remove bad odors and annoying allergens from your home in Bloomington, Indiana.

All it takes is a call to Funkhouser Restoration, the foremost sanitizing and deodorizing company in Indiana. With a single application of our incredibly effective JUST GONE product, all of those nauseating smells and allergens will be permanently removed, sanitized and refreshed.

You have no doubt heard claims like these from other cleaning services. They insist and promise to take care of those nasty smells you are encountering. Unfortunately, those claims are nothing more than idle boasts and willful thinking. After subjecting your home to scented chemical – a horse of a different color. Aerosols and perfumed cleaning agents, those annoying smoke and tobacco odors soon return, along with musty mildew and irritating mold spores that are known to set off your allergic sneezing attacks.

The JUST GONE System on the other hand, represents the modern day method of cleaning and sanitizing your home. It is a recent scientific breakthrough that harnesses the amazing power of Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) to clear the air and kill the bacteria that is at the root of most home odor problems. This harmless naturally occurring substance has no relationship to similar sounding chlorine bleach, which can be harmful to humans and pets alike.

The CLO2 of our exclusive JUST GONE system is completely safe and once applied to a surface or a room kills harmful allergens and bacteria that cause odors. JUST GONE makes the stink disappear permanently. It is much more than a temporary fix. Once applied, your stink is gone- banished forever to that odor gathering hell hole. Not only are bad odors removed, so too are the potentially dangerous allergens that compromise your health.

The potential of our revolutionary product seems boundless. While we have concentrated our information on potential uses around the home, the sky’s the limit. Besides offering a potent solution for odor and allergen control in home, uses of our remarkable product. The use of JUST GONE can be easily extended to apartments, cars, boats and RVs where stale air, spilled substances, spoiled food, foul bilges, left-behind used diapers and rotting food can contribute to an unpleasant environment.

When used in offices and buildings where humans congregate to work or play, our product is effective for providing a fresh clean environment for all to enjoy. We have only scratched the surface as far as useful applications are concerned.

JUST GONE works exceedingly well in situations where bacteria can grow rampant. Medical facilities, clinics and doctor’s offices are just a few prime examples. Areas like workout facilities, locker rooms, pool areas and even pool rooms and bars can benefit from our product.

Imagine the usefulness for a realtor who can eliminate the foul odors of a listing before a showing. Home buyers are often deterred from buying a home that is filled with the awful scent of cat urine or feces left behind by previous owners.

Used car dealers can actually improve the value of the cars they take in on trade by refreshing and sanitizing tired interiors and restoring that “new car” smell. Think of the latest transportation trends like “Uber”, Lyft and even traditional taxis. Our product will Remove Bad Odor and Allergens from Vehicles used for transportation services in and around Bloomington Indiana and other nearby NW Indiana cities. All it takes is a simple, cost-effective application of JUST GONE.

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